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West Village Hardwood Floor Refinishing

west village floor refinishing

Sanding Historic Floors In Manhattan 10014

There are many reasons to cherish hardwood floors, now centuries old, their natural beauty being one. Wide, thick planks were cut from old-growth forests whose heartwood was tight-grained, i.e., not exhibiting much visible grain. The wood itself was harder and more durable than today because trees are now harvested at a much younger age. Additionally, hand labor was the only way to shape tree wood into floor planks, and it was a very tedious task raising the bar on appreciation for very old, very attractive, hardwood floors.


Still, in West Village’s plethora of historic homes, wood dulls and scratches over time. Refinishing floors is the best way to restore entire rooms to museum quality spaces, yet one needs to be especially cautious about floor refinishing experts. Tully Spagnoli & Sons Quality Flooring brings four generations of fine family craftsmanship, extensive knowledge of wood and vast experience in wood flooring. One couple residing in a treasured centuries-old home found Spagnoli’s floor refinishing to be fantastic for a reasonable price.



west village floor refinisher west village floor refinishing



The company’s professional team took every precaution to prep the area before sanding, understanding how to manage the dust which can be airborne and operate equipment which requires proficiency and skill for the precise, level result. Floors must be uniform, smooth and dust-free before applying the appropriate floor coatings. Then the master technicians with Spagnoli expertly added perfect coats of protective finishes and sealers. The rooms look incredible with old wood looking new many, many decades after someone felled a tree with an axe, crafted some planks by hand and installed a handsome, superior hardwood floor.


before refinishing before refinishing


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