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NYC Hardwood Floor Sanding

Professional sanding services to restore the integrity of your hardwood floors in NYC.


Benefits of Proper Sanding

Proper sanding of hardwood floors offers several benefits. It helps to extend the longevity of the floor by removing surface imperfections and creating a smooth surface for refinishing. Additionally, sanding enhances the aesthetics of the floor by eliminating scratches, stains, and dullness, resulting in a beautiful and rejuvenated appearance.


At Tully Spagnoli Flooring, we utilize a specific technique for sanding hardwood floors that ensures a smooth and even surface. Our team of professionals has the experience and expertise to deliver outstanding results. With our professional sanding service, you can enjoy the many advantages it offers.


  • Smooth and Even Surface
  • Enhances Durability and Longevity
  • Restores the Natural Beauty of Your Floors

Hardwood Floor Sanding and Refinishing Process

We rigorously adhere to a systematic approach to ensure exceptional outcomes in the restoration of hardwood floors. Our skilled team will sand, apply stain, and finish your floors, transforming them into exquisite masterpieces.

Dustless Sanding

Dustless sanding is a game-changer for refinishing wood floors in the bustling environment of NYC. This innovative method significantly reduces the amount of airborne dust produced during the sanding process, a crucial consideration in New York’s compact living spaces. By opting for dustless sanding, residents can maintain a cleaner, healthier home atmosphere, minimizing the disruption and inconvenience often associated with traditional floor sanding. Dustless sanding ensures a smoother, faster, and more eco-friendly refinishing process, ideal for apartments, offices, and any space where air quality is a priority. This method enhances the beauty of your hardwood floors and offers a practical solution for maintaining a clean and safe environment during renovations. Choose dustless sanding for your NYC flooring project to experience a seamless, efficient, and cleaner refinishing process.

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