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Sheepshead Bay Floor Refinishing

11235 Parquet Floor refinishing

Parquet Floor Sanding and Refinishing in Brooklyn 11235

Sheepshead Bay Parquet Floor refinishing
Parquet Floor refinishing

You might pride yourself on changing air filters, installing a new flapper in the toilet or pouring boiling water down the kitchen sink to move along a drain clog, but you may well frustrate yourself beyond description to take on refinishing a hardwood parquet floor. This geometric mosaic wood style originated in 16th century France and arrived in England about the same year the pilgrims set foot on our eastern coast. Queen Mary of Denmark is credited with popularizing parquet wood floors in the United Kingdom when she had them installed in Denmark House, now Somerset House, in London.


The Sanding Wood Floors company ethos in England surely mirrors the attributes of Tully Spagnoli & Sons Quality Flooring on this side of the pond with “total quality, attention to detail, honesty and integrity, listening and responding, competitive pricing, working to budget.” Sanding parquet floors takes an intricate skill set for the pattern of wood grain in different directions and the many individual pieces of wood potentially glued independently of one another.


Sheepshead Bay is a fantastic waterfront neighborhood in South Brooklyn, and it’s no surprise that homes here have parquet floors and stunning architectural features. It’s also fitting that the Spagnoli team, led by 4th generation flooring experts, would be hired for a full parquet floor refinish, with the homeowner choosing a high gloss top coat to showcase the elegance. Homeowners and royalty on both sides of the Atlantic cherish and care for these sophisticated, graceful, refined hardwood floor designs.

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