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Clinton Hill Parquet Flooring Installation

Clinton Hill Brooklyn Parquet floor installation

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Clinton Hill Brooklyn Parquet floor installation


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Money may be the measure of many things, yet everyone knows you cannot buy integrity, character, respect, confidence, loyalty and a host of personal qualities. Likewise, when seeking professional services, the cost alone should never be the sole deciding factor. Refinishing floors, for example, is an expensive home improvement project. Getting quotes from a few different places makes good sense, but the decision then rests on company traits like integrity, character, respect, confidence and loyalty.


The Clinton Hill neighborhood in Brooklyn reflects the Big Apple’s storied history in its architecture. Quiet, residential streets with well-maintained brick rowhouses meld well with the energy in an ever-expanding contemporary foodie scene. Though only 95 feet above sea level, Clinton Hill is one of the highest points in New York City. Homeowners take seriously maintaining their uniquely designed homes, and when flooring becomes dated and dull, they seek out replacement options.


Though this one particular homeowner tried the loyalty route, contacting a former flooring contractor, she also connected with Tully Spagnoli & Sons Quality Flooring for a quote. Weighing the higher price against her unsatisfactory previous experience with the lesser priced flooring specialist, she selected Spagnoli for its level of professionalism from first visit to end-of-project – and more. The more part comes later. She found all the tradesmen to be knowledgeable, skilled, kind and focused on best practices throughout the project. When a new bed delivery crew scratched her beautiful new bedroom floor, the Spagnoli team responded quickly. With patience and attention to detail, their man Dwayne touched up the scratch and matched the coloring precisely. Working with David, Angelo and others at Spagnoli is decidedly a get-what-you-pay-for “and more” scenario for all kinds of hardwood floor repair, refinishing and new installation. And more. Like integrity, character, respect, confidence and now a new loyalty client in Clinton Hill.

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