Refinishing & Restoration

We believe new wood floors are a strong investment, but they’re not always necessary. Assuming the essential materials are still in good shape, we can help you get more years of life out of your hardwood floors through professional refinishing services that restore the flooring in your home, office, warehouse or other business space to an almost-new luster. Clients see the benefits of our methodical refinishing approach as we take great care through each phase of the process. After taking your existing flooring down to the raw wood, we apply only the finest finishes, sealants and stains, restoring your floors to their original state to give your environment a fresh new look.

“Flooring work is dusty and dirty and this team took great precautions to keep the mess to a minimum. Punctual and professional, Dave’s work was of the highest quality and his pricing fair. A great referral for me.”

Expert Repairs

Tully Spagnoli’s four generations of experience really shows when it comes to repairing floors. Water damage, pet damage, fire damage, deep scratches from moving furniture or children’s toys as well as dozens of other forms of wear and tear can take their toll on your home, office or other workspace. There are few situations we haven’t repaired and our experts know how to make new wood appear aged and distressed to reclaim the look of your wood flooring.

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